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◆◆What is Shugendo?◆◆

It is a mountain religion developed and established in Japan that believes deities reside in mountains. It regards the supernatural religion unique to Japan (ancient Shinto), founded on nature worship, and nature itself as the ultimate Buddhist world. It is based on a worldview of devoting oneself to mountain nature to become one with nature (esoteric Buddhism). The awareness that there is Buddha-nature in everything (Lotus Sutra) fused with the belief in life after death (Pure Land Buddhism). It is a religion centering on practical rites that demonstrate the power of exorcism by using magic (the way of Yin and Yang) and mastering wizardry (Taoism) to ward off calamity, invite luck, cure disease, and prolong life.

◆◆Shugendo Terms◆◆

Gen—A sign of the outcome of prayer (proof of the attainment of Buddhahood in life)

Shu—Devotion to learning spiritual experience and powers to obtain “gen”

Do—The best means and methods for studying and practicing the ways of asceticism

Shugendo—Valuing the means and methods for achieving goals over a unique doctrine/pedagogy of a single religion
Reference: Dewa Sanzan Shrine website
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